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We have read pretty much every guidebook, website, movie and travel channel show that is out there to help us figure out which island was right for us. We were looking for a place to get away from the hectic everyday life to just relax, see the beauty of the islands, and reconnect as a couple but not be rushed to do every adventure that is out there. After reading Hawaii for Dummies and the AAA Hawaii Tour Book we were able to narrow down which Island we wanted to spend our two weeks on. Some people “Island hop” and I recommend reading the Dummies book to see which Island fits your personality and desire for your vacation. more

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We decided to stay on Kauai the whole time because it seemed to have the best of everything without all the commercial touristy stuff you find on some of the other islands. While some of the tips we have here are specific to Kauai all the savings can be used for any Island you choose.  We wanted to sit by the pool or cruise to the beach and sit and read. We also wanted to go surfing, hiking, swimming inside waterfalls, exploring, shopping, and eat at the best restaurants the island had to offer. We wanted to live large without having to spend our kid’s entire college fund and the more money you can save the more fun you can have.  We did all that and I will go into more detail later on how to find the Best food for the least price and how to get to all the amazing places and secrets later. more


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                        Air Travel Will Always Be Expensive And People Will Always Want To Save Big Money On Flights.