6 Crucial Questions to Answer in Order to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

More couples get engaged at the holidays over any other time of the year and according to a survey conducted by The Knot, 16% of couples get engaged in December alone. As the holidays are quickly approaching, marriage proposals will soon be happening all over the world. Getting engaged is a big moment in a person’s life and something the couple will remember forever. It’s also an engagement story that will be shared not only at the wedding, but also with family, friends and even children down the road. Most people feel nervous about proposing and some pressure to make it special, so how does one make it a moment to remember? Top wedding planner, Mango Muse Events, shares the 6 important questions a person planning a marriage proposal needs to ask himself or herself – who, what, when, where, why and how.

1.    Who – “Who is she or he?”

To plan the perfect wedding proposal to someone, think about who she/he is as a person. Are they introverted or extroverted? Are they private? Are they loud? Are they spontaneous? Are they close to their parents? The perfect marriage proposal is one that is customized to who that person is, so taking the time to think about who they are is important.

2.    What – “What does she or he like?”

After understanding who they are, think about what they like or what they don’t like. Creating lists on both sides will help provide ideas on what to incorporate or what to avoid. Do they like attention? Do they like grand gestures? Do they like peace and quiet? Think about their likes and dislikes both generally (e.g. travel, shopping, sports, food, books, etc.) and specifically (e.g. glitter, the Beatles, mint chip ice cream, Christmas trees, etc.) to help plan the proposal.

3.    When – “When is a meaningful time?”

Think about any special times of the year or meaningful dates for her/him and as a couple. If there is a special day, proposing on that day will just increase the emotion and the love in the moment. If there isn’t a special day, consider proposing at a time when she/he won’t expect it and make it a happy surprise.

4.    Where – “Where is the best place?”

Use the answers to the first 3 questions to help guide this answer. The best location depends on who they are, what they like and when the most meaningful time is. Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant, a place she/he always wanted to go to or the place of your first kiss.

5.    Why -“Why do you want to marry her/him?”

Hopefully this should be easy to answer, but sometimes it’s difficult to put into words. Take the time to think about this question and write it down. Consider sharing the reasons or a reason with her/him when proposing. “Most girls (or guys) who are getting proposed to are so caught up in the moment that they have a hard time focusing. But, it's such a beautiful moment, when you get to hear why they love you, why they chose you. It's the best part.” says Jamie Chang, owner and wedding consultant at Mango Muse Events.

6.    How – “How do you want to propose?”

Use all of the answers to the previous questions to help create an experience for her/him. Maybe it’s an entire day of activities or just an evening or a whole trip. Perhaps the marriage proposal comes at the end of the day so that the proposal is the grand finale. Or perhaps the proposal should be done at the beginning to enjoy the rest of the day in celebration together. Do what feels right for her/him and as a couple.

Taking the time to think about and answer the who, what, when, where, why and how will provide the foundation to planning the perfect marriage proposal. And when in doubt, hire an event planner for guidance and help with the planning, ironing out the details and adding in some special touches.

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