Find Out The Things That Are Imprortant When Traveling


Taking a vacation is now easier than ever before. Many people don’t know the best ways to start planning. You'll need to have quality information at your disposal though.

Tip When going to a foreign country, use ATMs to withdraw money. Many times these banks offer exchange rates that are better than individuals get.

Sign up for a travel price watcher. This is a feature that many websites provide. It lets you pick a destination and automatically watches the prices for you. When the hotel price or airfare goes down to the price you pick, the website will alert you of the change through email. This will prevent you from having to check prices every day.

Tip Once you’ve chosen your destination, take the time to get to know more about where you’re going. Make sure you have a map, and know what attractions are must-sees in the area.

Upon arrival, check your hotel room’s alarm. Make sure that the alarm isn't set at a bad time. Turn the alarm off. Set it when you want to get up, if you want your vacation to start in a relaxing way.

Tip Always carry an updated color photo of your child with you. This will come in handy if they are ever lost.

Keep your most important information and items close to you at all times. If you carry a purse, you want to make sure that it's tucked under your arm securely. If it's a long enough strap, you should've the strap crossing your body. Also, pick travel bags with secured flaps that conceal zippers and pockets. That access isn't easy in crowded or dangerous areas. Remember this when shopping for the ideal travel bag.

Q. Renowned Architect TAG Galyean Joins Wild Rock WV Development Team

Lansing, WV (PRWEB) January 26, 2012

Renowned architect and resort designer TAG Galyean has joined the development partners of Wild Rock West Virginia—a mountain home community perched atop the New River Gorge in southern West Virginia.

Galyean has 26 years of experience designing for some of the world’s top resorts, including The Greenbrier and The Lodge at Pebble Beach. In his new role with Wild Rock, Galyean is leading the Architectural Review Board and designing new homes.

Wild Rock, which shares a three-mile border with the New River Gorge National River, was designed to capture the natural beauty of a region famous for its world- class whitewater rafting and outdoor adventures. The property offers a commanding view of the 900-foot deep gorge with the iconic New River Gorge Bridge on the horizon. There are 10 miles of trails for walking and mountain biking connected to Creekside, Highland and Gorge Front properties.

“This is a worthy project,” Galyean said. “Fostering the growth of a community that’s close to nature is important for Wild Rock residents as much as it is for West Virginia. We recognize our history with coal, but understand that our state’s greatest asset, and its long-term future, is sharing West Virginia’s natural wonders.”

Considering his resume, Galyean may well be the man who can help the state complete its transition from coal dependency to outdoor tourism. Wild Rock and neighboring adventure sports mecca Fayetteville are poised to play leading roles in the transformation.

Tinsley Galyean, better known as TAG, is an award-winning Master Designer with a history of architectural, landscape and interior design expertise acquired at independent, luxury properties. Galyean’s TAG Studio clients include The Broadmoor Hotel, Rock Resorts Hawaii, The Greenbrier, and The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Over the past 20 years, clients have invested more than $1 billion to bring his designs to life. From 1986 to 2003, he led design work on the Greenbrier Spa, indoor pool and shop corridor. The spa recently reclaimed its five star rating thanks in part to his work.

Galyean also leads the Lewisburg Foundation, a group that has been instrumental in revitalizing Lewisburg, WV by developing park like town entry features, moving power lines out of sight on its main street, beautifying the downtown and improving business signage.

He recently opened Smooth Ambler Spirits, a distillery of small batch, handcrafted vodka, gin and bourbon outside of Lewisburg. It stands as another beacon in the region’s mountain lifestyle renaissance.

Galyean’s work at Wild Rock will continue a sustainable community design initiated in 2008 by Nelson, Byrd, Woltz Landscape Architects of Charlottesville. Alex Stark, a Feng Shui consultant from Berkeley, CA, also contributed to the community design. An important part of TAG’s work will be ensuring that Wild Rock develops in harmony with the natural environment of the New River Gorge and maintains sustainable design and building practices.

He is also creating an adaptable “Woodland Cabin” plan that will offer an affordable and easy path for new buyers to customize and build their...

Tip To keep traveling expense within budget, try making them as far ahead as you can. While there are lots of things you’ll want to buy while on a trip, these things have something in common.

When reserving a hotel room, ask if they’ll be doing renovations. There are few things more annoying than waking to the sound of construction equipment while you're enjoying a vacation. Just don’t book during those times.

Tip Bring a good digital camera for the vacation that you are taking. For example, if you will be camping you may want to pack additional batteries.

Find social websites that talk about travel often. Getting information and sharing experiences with fellow travelers is a great way to prepare yourself for a trip. You'll make lots of new friends and learn a lot that can help you in your travels.

Tip If your travels take you through or into a small airport, check the website for that airport to see all of the airlines that offer service there. Some small airports may have charters with better deals.

Make sure your passports are up-to-date by checking the expiration date. Many countries have rules concerning passports. You may not be allowed into their country if your passport is expiring in a certain amount of time. These range from 3 to 6 months. Could even reach 8 months to a year.

Tip If you are staying in hotels, especially in countries that are less developed and you worry about a break-in at night in your room, take a doorstop along. These wedges are important if you have people coming in and out.

Look up currency rates before travelling in order to budget your expenditures. Knowing monetary values before you leave will help you create a trip itinerary that doesn't deplete your funds. This will help you to save some money on your trip.

Tip Always remember to tip housekeepers and bellboys. Standard tips are generally $1 for each piece of luggage, and $2-$5 for the housekeeper each day of your stay.

National Parks

Tip Bring a book of matches or a business card of your motel with you while traveling about the city. If you are venturing out around town and you get lost, you can show the card to others who can direct you to the right place.

You should get the National Parks Pass if you go to these type of parks often. The passes can be purchased for $50 and are a great deal as they cover all national parks for one full year.

Tip Bring a rain coat. You just cannot tell how the weather will turn out.

To make planning your next vacation a breeze, book your trip online. The site you book your travel through should offer sample itineraries for your convenience. Make the most of your travel budget by booking air travel, rental cars and hotels online. When using the computer, you can see both reviews and pictures of all available hotels in an instant. These sites offer fabulous deals for online trip planning, like last minute travelling discounts.

Tip Make sure your passports are up-to-date by checking the expiration date. A lot of countries have certain rules concerning passports.

Now all that’s left is to decide where you wish to travel to. Keep in mind that you should continue learning all you can about the subject of travel.

Tip If you are using traveler’s checks, cash them in before you go to shop or eat. Traveler’s checks can be a pain to work with.

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