Two Pitch Competitions Converge on Tuesday


Local teams competing for 2 different business innovation competitions, one national and yet another worldwide, will get together on a single stage for any &#8220double-threat pitch off.&#8221 The winning teams from each will are able to mix the ocean to compete in an even greater level.

logo-mcap-400x100First of all, the &#8220Mobile Challenge Asia Off-shore&#8221 (MCAP) has been organized by Blue Online companies, a technology accelerator founded by Henk Rogers of Blue Planet Software. Tuesday&#8217s competition will identify runners up which will go onto the regional finals, that is being integrated into the East Meets West Conference in The month of january. There, teams will compete for an opportunity to sign up in the Mobile World Congress finals in Barcelona, The country, in Feb.

MCAP is about mobile applications, software, and hardware, including mobile online companies and early-stage endeavors. The regional finals includes teams from Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

This is the 2nd MCAP, organized in the global level by GSMA, an worldwide trade group that signifies over 800 mobile service providers and 250 others include phone and equipment makers, software companies, and regional industry groups. (Yes, this really is that GSM.)

In your area, Blue Online companies has been based on the Hawaii Proper Development Corporation and also the condition to arrange the Hawaii and regional finals.

logo-sba-innovate-her-400x100Next, the &#8220InnovateHER Hawaii Challenge&#8221 has been organized by Sultan Endeavors, a boutique venture firm concentrating on early-stage online companies and opportunities, as a part of a national Small Company Association competition. The Hawaii event is really a gateway to potentially present in the Small business administration&#8217s Innovating for ladies Business Summit in March in Washington, D.C.

For &#8220InnovateHER,&#8221 records aren’t restricted to mobile online companies or perhaps technology plays, even though they will most definitely be symbolized. Rather, your competition is targeted at finding &#8220products and services that impact and empower the lives of ladies and families.&#8221 The 3 knowing criteria are if the showing teams:

  1. Possess a measurable effect on the lives of ladies and families (30%),
  2. Have the possibility for commercialization (40%), and
  3. Fill a necessity available on the market (30%).

The &#8220InnovateHER&#8221 challenge is available to groups of both males and ladies. And should a Hawaii team be selected to become one of the final ten at the nation’s level, there’ll be a &#8220live pitch final round&#8221 in the women&#8217s business summit to crown the top three ideas. Individuals teams will share cash awards adding up to $70,000.

However for Hawaii entrepreneurs, the road to Barcelona or Washington D.C. starts in the Laniakea YWCA (1040 Richards Street) on Tuesday, 12 ,. 1. The happy couple of pitch-offs will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Larger Hall. While attendance is free of charge (with complimentary pupus along with a cash bar), space is restricted, so you&#8217ll wish to register online.

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